Friday, 12 January 2018

The Salmon Eggs Have Arrived!

On Tuesday, January 9th our salmon eggs arrived to their new home.

This is what the tank looked like before they arrived.  It has a gravel base, and rocks to for the Redd.  There is a chiller to keep the water around 5c and a thermometer to track the water temperature.  There is also a fluval (left side) to help keep air in the water.  The tank is wrapped in insulation to make sure it stays cold.

This is what the tank look likes when it is all wrapped up.

Ms. Holmes arrived with our eggs and some other interesting artifacts to look at. 

This is a picture of what the salmon look like and birth, and how they will change while we are taking care of them.  When we received our salmon eggs they are at the eyed egg stage and about 22 days old.

She also showed up a cup of salmon eggs tha that had already died.  They are much whiter in colour.  We need to check our salmon eggs regularly and remove any eggs that die.

We received 60 eggs this year.  This picture shows how the hatchery collect the eggs and counts them before they given them to schools like ours that are adopting them.

And finally, this is what our tank looks like now that our eggs have arrived.  Can you see them on the bottom at the front of the tank? Once a day we will check on them for a short period of time.  We will collect the water temperature and add it to the Accumulated Termperature Unit.  We will look for eggs that have died. Then we will wait for our eggs to become alevin in about 33 or so days.  Be sure to check back!

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