Friday 18 May 2018

Salmon Release Day!

Last week we went on a field trip to the Tynehead Hatchery.  The teachers at the hatchery were wonderful and we learned a lot more about salmon in general and about the salmon we have been raising for the past four months.  After a learning session and a tour, it was time for us to release our babies back into the river so they can begin their journey to the ocean.  What a wonderful experience we had.

Once we were done at the hatchery we had a bit of snack and went on a nature walk.  One of our classmates took the lead and shared many interesting facts about what we were seeing.  Our walk was close to 2 km but we were so busy walking, learning, and having fun that we didn't complain at all.  In fact, it even started to rain and no one noticed.  What a wonderful way to spend a morning.

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