Tuesday 5 May 2020

Quarantine Essentials

One of the home learning options that the students in Division 6 were given was to select up to 12 essentials items that they have needed during this quarantine.  This project was inspired by a Vancouver School district teacher named Mr. Walker and he was inspired by Craig Segall and his wonderful photographic work around children and bread around the world called Daily Bread.

Here's a link to the tweet Ms. Lirenman saw from Mr. Walker.

Here are some of the photos Ms. Lirenman's students have shared.

What are your 12 key essentials getting you through this extra time at home?


  1. Dear Ms. L,

    We love your idea about the 12 key essentials to get us through the quarantine. Our teacher, Mrs. Yollis, showed us all of the amazing photos. We are going to do the quarantine challenge, too! Thank you for the idea!

    One image that caught Emily E.'s eye was the first photo. She connect with the notebook because sometimes she likes to write about what is going on or sometimes draws pictures.

    Kasra connected with the photo with the ipad. He has one at home and he uses it to read.

    Eden likes all the sports equipment that was included in one photo. She likes to go biking every day for 2-3 hours.

    Ivy loves the pictures with the cats, and she doesn't even have a cat. She wishes she did, but the family is allergic!

    Kate love animals too. She doesn't have a cat, but she has four-month old puppy. Her puppy makes her very happy.

    Ben connects to the picture with the guitar and the books. Gaming, reading, and playing the guitar is getting him through the quarantine.

    Emily F. agrees that a cat and books are very helpful. The cat is a comfort and the books help focus and distract from the world. She is in muggle world in Harry Potter!

    How often do you zoom together as a class?

    Emily E., Kasra, Archie, Eden, Mia, Ivy, Kate, Ben, and Emily F.
    Mrs. Yollis' students in Los Angeles

    1. Dear Mrs. Yollis' Class,

      Thank you for commenting on our post. M wanted you to know that it was a lot of fun to go around the house and gather items for it. It was kind like a scavenger hunt.

      We hope you have fun with it.

      From Division 6 and Ms. Lirenman

  2. Hi I am Cooper and I think that your post is a very good idea. I am a dog and cannot type to much. I stole my sister's acer and she doesn't know. Oh No she's coming. Gotta Flee, It was nice meating you bye.

    1. Hi Cooper the dog,

      Are you actually a dog? Grayson wants to know. I wonder if my hamster and my dog steal my computer. Maybe you and my dog can have a video call.

      From Grayson, Div 6

  3. Ok. I am a real dog here I am on my sister with my twelve essentials. My owner is wearing my glasses as the twelfth under her emoji.

    I have a pencil,notebook,speaker,stuffed animal,book,i pad,toothbrush,hairbrush,spraybottle,glasses,vr goggles, and my sister. Ugh why does my dog steal my acer oh hi I am Coopers sister. I hope we see you again. Bye.

    1. HI Cooper! Our teacher Ms. Lirenman saw your quarantine photo and post. It made her smile that you took the time to visit and comment on our blog. We haven't used it as much as our teacher would have liked to so we are happy when get have visitors. Keep safe and take care of your sister. :-)


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