Sunday, 16 October 2011

Learning to Paint Pumpkins with Mrs. Schaefer

Mrs. Schaefer is fantastic art teacher.  She used to teach at our school but retired a few years ago.  But she still loves teaching art so she spends a lot of time in our school teaching art to many different classes.  This past week she worked with us, teaching us how to paint pumpkins like an artist.  We learned how to mix colours and how to to make our brush strokes so that our pumpkins would look 3D.  Here are a few pictures of us working hard on our pumpkins.

Mrs. Schaefer showing us how to make brush strokes.

Then we practiced our strokes and created our own pumpkins.  Ms. Schaefer only gave us yellow and a little bit of red paint but she also taught us how to make orange, plus have lines on our pumpkins like real pumpkins have.

Next she showed us how to make the little hairs so that our pumpkins looked round a the top like real pumpkins.  It helped with the 3D effect.

She also taught us how to mix yellow and a tiny bit of blue to make green for our pumpkin's stem. Then we put our pumpkins out to dry in the hallway.

Finally, the next day they were up on our wall.

We know we are very lucky to have been able to spend some time with Mrs. Schaefer.  She's an excellent art teacher and you can tell by how great our pumpkins look.


  1. Hello Ms. Lirenman and your class. How fortunate for you have such a clever person like Mrs. Schaefer to help you with your art classes. Do you think she could come to Craigburn and help us too? Your pumpkins are so life like that we think we could make pumpkin soup with them! Is there a special reason for you painting pumpkins? Does it have something to do with Halloween?
    From Mrs. K and Room 4 at Craigburn Primary School

  2. Trista's mom17 October 2011 at 20:58

    Hi Division 16!

    I LOVE your pumpkins. What amazing artists you all are. I am impressed that you all mixed the colours to make orange and green. How clever. Mrs. Schaefer is so wonderful to come into your class to teach you how to be such great artists.

    Do you think she will come visit your class again this year to teach you more about being terrific artists?

    From Trista's mom (Mrs. H)

  3. Hi Division 16
    What great artists you all are. The display of the pumpkin paintings in your room looks awesome. How lucky you are to have someone clever like Mrs Schaefer come to teach you. Mrs Lirenman did you do a painting too?
    We wonder what other special things you will do as you get ready for Halloween?
    From Room 3 and Mrs Nelson

  4. Dear Mrs K, Trista's Mom, NS Mrs. N, thank you for visiting our blog. We are learning to paint pumpkins because Halloween is at the end of the month. We feel very lucky that Mrs. Schaefer comes to our classroom. Hopefully she'll come again latter. We hear she is really good at working with clay too. Some of us worked with her last year with clay. From Division 16

  5. Hi Division 16,
    I wanted to tell you how wonderful I think your blog is. I enjoy looking at it to see what is going on in your classroom. You have inspired me to start my own blog with my class. Hopefully I will have it up and running by the end of October.
    Mrs. Morrison

  6. Hi Division 16,

    You've created such lively-colored pumpkins. It's so amazing what your little hands can do. Keep up the good work!!

    From: Jennica's Mom

  7. Hi Mrs. Morrison and Jennica's mom, we had so much fun making our pumpkins with Mrs. Schaefer. We are glad you visited our blog. Mrs. Morrison, when you blog is ready maybe we can visit it? Ms. Lirenman and Division 16