Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Patterning in the Lab

Today we went to the computer lab for math.  We played two pattern math games. For one of the games we had to chose what was missing from the pattern. You can find it here Pattern Game .  For the other game we made musical patterns.  You can find it here Musical Patterns.  Here's what we thought about the activity.

Brooklyn - I liked playing the games.
Huda - I liked when we did the patterns.
Paul - I liked playing  both of the games.
Lawrence - I liked the musical patterns.
Nicholas - I learned how to make musical patterns.
Urim - I liked working on the smartboard with Christine.
Claudine - I liked hearing the music patterns.
Soeun - I liked making the patterns.
Jesse - I liked doing the number patterns.
Eric - I liked using the pattern machine.
Koden - I liked the music patterns.
Marcus - I liked making the patterns because they were fun.
Christine - I liked doing my math on the smartboard.
Alicia - I liked the pattern games because I could make them easier or harder.
Trista - I liked the music pattern game.
Julie - I liked the music pattern machine.
Jennica - I liked the music pattern game.

Here are some photos of us busy at work.

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  1. Trista mommy here....

    Those games sound like a lot of fun. I think Trista and I (along with her brothers) will have to check these out this weekend! That will be a fun activity for us to do together.

    It looks like you all had fun. You all looked so focused and engaged in what you were doing.