Sunday, 23 October 2011

Run Across Canada and Math Games with Pattern Blocks

Every Thursday and Friday after lunch we join Ms. Atkinson, Ms. Benjamin, and Ms. Baldry's grade 1 and k/1 classes for Run Across Canada.  We participate in this run in any type of weather all year round.  Right now things are pretty nice for us because it has been sunny and not too cold most of the time.  We've been lucky enough to have the rain stop for the afternoon so we haven't gotten wet yet.

Meeting up with the other three classes.

For Run Across Canada we meet outside our classroom and walk to our the first field in the little park. The first field is a community field but we're allowed to use it too.  We then RUN around the field making sure we don't cut corners.

Here we all go running around around our first field.

From the first field we walk together to our second field (that school's field) before we run around it too.  Again no cheating by cutting corners.  Thankfully we bring our water bottles outside with us so  we are never too far from water.

Starting to run on the second field. 
You can see a little bit of the first field in the background behind the trees.

Can you see us running on the other side of the field?

From there we walk, as a really large group, the rest of the outside of the school.  In total the route is about 1.2 km.  At the end of the run/walk we let Ms. Atkinson know how many of us did the entire run/walk.  For every person that does it all we earn 1.2 km for our run across Canada.  So far we have already run from Vancouver Island, over to Vancouver, and we are now just about in Calgary, Alberta.  Most years we make it to just outside of Toronto, Ontario.  This year we are hoping that we can make it all the way through Ontario and into Quebec or even Atlantic Canada.  Wish us luck!

This week, because we've been learning about patterning and patterning up a storm, Ms. Lirenman has taught us a game using pattern blocks. The object of the game is to fill a pumpkin shape with pattern blocks but be the person to put the last block on the shape. If you do that, you win.   It's trickier than it looks.

Here are some photos of us playing the game.

Claudine and Nicolas playing together.

Koden and Soeun playing together.

Christine, Jennica, and Julie playing together. (Julie is in the picture below)

Brooklyn and Jesse playing together.

Paul and Alicia playing together.

Marcus and Eric playing together.

Lawrence playing with Huda.

Trista and Urim playing together.  
Urim is looking for just the right piece.

 Do you do any running in your classroom, and if so do you have a running goal like we do?  Also, do you play games in math too? If so what is your favourite math game to play.

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