Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What We Like About Patterning

Today we are finishing up our patterning unit in math.  Here are some of the things that we have learned about patterning...

We know that patterns can be repeating.

We know that you can label patterns - like ab, or abb, or abc, or abcd, or abbcd etc...

We know that you can continue patterns.

We know that you can copy patterns.

We know that patterns aren't just in math.

We know that you can find patterns in clothing.

We know you can find patterns in the environment.

During the unit we worked through six different pattern stations.  They included:

Pattern Block Walls - we had to copy and continue a pattern using pattern block pieces.  We then tried to create our own pattern block walls.

Pattern Books - we had to create, and label our own patterns.  We then stapled our pages together to make pattern booklets.

Pattern Pictures - using magnetic pattern blocks we had to create a pattern picture, then copy the pattern picture onto black paper.

Patterning with Technology - we used the computer in our classroom to create patterns.  When we had the ipods in the room we used them to pattern on too.

Pattern Strips - we chose a pattern card and created a pattern strip. The pattern strips are now up in our classroom as classroom boarders around our Word Wall.

Pattern Drill and Practice - we had pattern papers that we had to complete. This is the type of patterning that most grown ups grew up with.  It's the type of math in most traditional workbooks.

Here are our favourite pattern stations.

Paul - Pattern Pictures
Huda -  Pattern Strips
Jennica - Pattern Strips
Julie - Pattern Pictures
Koden - Patterning with Technology
Trista - Pattern Strips
Lawrence - Pattern Strips
Brooklyn - Pattern Strips
Soeun - Pattern Booklets
Urim - Pattern Booklets
Jesse Pattern Block Walls
Alicia - Pattern Pictures
Nicolas - Pattern Block Walls
Eric  - Patterning with Technology
Claudine - Patterning with Technology
Marcus - Pattern Block Walls
Christine - Pattern Strips

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