Sunday, 22 September 2013

Terry Fox

This week, as a school,  we raised money for the Terry Fox Cancer Research fund. Each day we were asked to bring in a small donation - nickels and dimes on Tuesday, quarters on Wednesday, loonies on Thursday, and toonies on Friday.  The school goal was to raise $1100. If we raised that much money or more Ms. Lirenman and a few other teachers including the principal are going to have their hair spray painted by one of us at a school assembly.

We watched this movie on Terry Fox not once but twice because we were so interested in his story.

On Friday we also took part in our school Terry Fox run. While Ms. Lirenman didn't have her camera Jaslehna's mom did and was kind enough to share photos with Ms. Lirenman.  Here are some photos from the Terry Fox run.

Heading to meet the rest of the kids in the school.
Almost there.
We don't want to be late.

Getting ready to start the warm up.
We're off!

Running around the field is hard work.

A special thank you to Jaslehna's mother for taking and sharing all these wonderful photos.


  1. Hello Division 19,
    It was heart warming indeed to see all of you running for a cause. You all whizzed past me so fast.
    It is my pleasure to share these photos with Division 19.
    Was there any person in particular that you were running for?
    If the target of $1100 is reached, what colour would you spray Ms Lirenman's hair?
    From Jaslehna's mum.

  2. We were running for a whole bunch of different people including our moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, and families. If we get to spray paint Ms. Lirenman hair we want to spray it rainbow colours. Thanks for leaving us a comment.

  3. If you get to spray paint Ms Lirenman's hair, don't forget to take a photo of her rainbow hair and upload it on this blog.
    Jaslehna's mum.