Saturday, 2 November 2013

Halloween Afternoon Fun

After our field trip on Thursday we headed back to school to begin our afternoon Halloween fun.  We ate, played and then changed into our Halloween costumes.  While others were changing we enjoyed some Halloween colouring. We never get colouring but it really did help us keep calm even though we were so excited.

We had a few Spidermen in our class so Ms. Lirenman felt very safe.

Of course Mario and Luigi where there too.

Some princess and witches

And more beauties.

Even an Angry Bird,  although this student is always smiling. :-)
Of course others joined us too.

We spent part of the afternoon in the gym sharing our costumes with parents and other primary students.  This is the first time Ms. Lirenman has celebrated Halloween at our school. She loved how instead of sharing costumes by class, we shared our costumes by theme.  Ms. Lirenman smiled to see all the class witches join the other witches and all the super heros join the other super heroes.  She loved seeing everyone on display with their similar themed costumes. It was a great way to spend some time.

Then we returned to the class and skyped with Ms. Cassidy's class in Moose Jaw.  They had curiousity questions for us, and we had some for them.  Did you know that they were wearing costumes too and they they go trick or treating?  They made really cool banana ghosts.  You can read more about it here.

Once the call was over some students still wanted to colour and draw, some wanted to read Halloween books, and others wanted to dance.  We had a fun afternoon.  We ended the day with a wonderful Halloween story.

How did you spend October 31st?  We're curious to hear.


  1. Hello Ms. Lirenman's Class -we loved seeing how you spent Halloween at school. Down here in Texas, we did not wear our costumes to school. But they have something called "trunk or treat" and people set up their cars in the school parking lot at night. So around 6:00 at night, you come back to school wearing your costumes. People open their trunks and decorate them and you can walk to every car getting treats! It is fun!

  2. We are curious, what type of costumes do you wear? We also are wondering how many cars are in the parking lot. Your way to celebrate Halloween sounds like a lot of fun. How do you celebrate Christmas?