Monday 18 November 2013

The Apple Store

This morning we were very lucky because we spent it at the Apple Store at Guildford Mall.  Our Apple genuises were fantastic and helped us learn  about Garage Band.  We all created our own music and listened to each others.  Apple gave us a special bracelet with our music on it too so we could take it home.  We owe a big thank you to our parents for drivng us there.  Here are some pictures of us at the Apple Store.


  1. I heard quite a few of the masterpieces composed by the class and i must say they were amazing.
    I loved the beat of the music and my feet started dancing too!
    What is your favourite music instrument?
    I also like the group picture of funny faces.
    From Jaslehna's mum.

  2. A lot of us liked the big drums. Some of us also liked the guitar. Others like the piano and the ukelele. We had fun with the music.


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