Monday 27 October 2014

Learning About Cedar

Today we were very lucky to have a visitor in our classroom to teach us about Cedar.

First she showed us what cedar trees look like.

Then she showed us some real cedar artifact.  In the picture below she is holding a net made out of cedar.

Next we saw other things made out of cedar such as the basket below.

A traditional cedar hat.

And even traditional clothing made out of cedar.

We also so pictures of rope made out of cedar.

In the picture below we learned that most of the items above were made from the special part of the cedar called the inside bark.  The picture below shows us how the aboriginal people got the inside bark of the cedar tree.

After she showed us many pictures we were able to pass around some real cedar bark.

Then we learned that the often put the cedar into thin strips so that it can be used for clearning.

At the end of the presentation we played some movement games. We moved like trees and then we learned about the four important parts of us in aboriginal culture - our mind, our heart, our body, and our spirit.

It was a really great day of learning.

A special thank you to our two visitors who came today to share their culture with us.

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