Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Learning About Sharks

Last Thursday we were very lucky to learn about sharks from Sharks4Kids via Skype.  Here are some photos from our video call with Jillian.

We learned that sharks don't bite humans on purpose because we aren't the type of food they want to eat. Yes, sometimes they bite humans but it's usually because they think we are a seal or other type of food they like to eat.  We learned so many new things about sharks and how important they are for our oceans.

After the call was over we started making posters so we could share the shark love.

Here are some of the final projects.  We have put some posters up in our classroom and a lot more around our school.

Thank you Jillian from Sharks4Kids for spending time with us. As you can see, we learned a lot. Also if you check out blogs under "writing" you will see more posts about sharks.

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