Thursday 25 June 2015

Our Bilingual Math Book Created with Friends in Mme Dean's Class

Last week we invited Mme Dean's class to create a book with us using the Book Creator app on our iPads. We both read the book One is a Snail Ten is a Crab and then Ms. Lirenman gave us a math problem. "There are 24 legs in the barn. Who is in the barn?"  With our partner from Mme Dean's class we decided which animals are in the barn. We made sure their legs added up to 24 in total. We wrote sentences in French and English and we drew a picture to match. Then we recorded ourselves in both languages.  Ms. Lirenman then used dropbox to combined our pages together .  From there we saved our book as a video and uploaded it to youtube. This is our final product. Enjoy!


  1. What a neat video! I loved the drawings and I really loved hearing your voices. Keep up the good work!


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