Wednesday 10 June 2015

The Day the Boss of the Boss Came to Teach Our Class

Today was a special day. We had a very special guest come and teach our class.

At first some special team members came to our class.  They set up laptops and websites for our special guest.

It left us wondering, what will we be doing?

Then the Boss of the Boss, Dr. Tinney our school district's superintendent and CEO, arrived.  At the time, we didn't know what he was going to do with us, but we quickly found out.

We gathered around the carpet in "rainbow" shape and listened closely.  He brought a special instrument called a Makey Makey.  We had never seen one before.

At first he demonstrated how it worked. He taught us about the special parts on the tool and how it worked with a computer.  We watched and listened very carefully.

Then he did a demonstration with one of our classmates. 

Our classmate was playing the bongo drums with some crazy things like spoons, and money. Then he played a piano with BANANAS!  Yes, bananas. Then it was time for us to give it a try on our own while Dr. Tinney worked with all of us in small groups.

Along the way we had some troubles but we didn't give up and found ways to make the tool work.  We played with bongo drums, and a piano, and some of us even played pac man with the Makey Makey.  As you can see from all the photos above we were so involved with learning and exploring that when it was time to meet back at the carpet we were sad.  Dr. Tinney was a great teacher!

He ended his visit by having us share what we learned by playing with the Makey Makeys .  He thanked us for letting him teach our class too, which made Ms. Lirenman smile because it was such a pleasure for her to watch her class be taught by someone else.   We realize that we were very lucky to have him spend part of the morning with us and even more fortunate that he left us some gifts so we can play with Makey Makeys again real soon.  It was a really great day

Have you ever had the Boss of the Boss come and teach your class?

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  1. Wow! You are such a lucky class! No, we have never had The Boss of The Boss visit our classroom! I think my grade one class would love to try the Makey Makey! You are learning so much!


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