Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Learning Aboriginal Stories with Ms. D

Today we have a special visitor, Ms. D.  She is here to tell us stories. Our first story is about a frog that drank all the water.  

The lesson we learned from this story was that you should only take what you need.

The second story was told with a drum.

With the drum she told us a legend about how the mosquitos came to be.

Then she told us a third story about bears and about the Big Bear of the Sky.

After we pretended to be a raven to help our bodies move.  

The next story she shared with us was about a boy teaching a song that only the elders knew. The elders didn't want the boy to teach them though. In the story the boys end up in the sky as stars called the Seven Star Dancers of the Sky.

The final story was about the coyote trickster. He liked to look at all the pretty girls. He showed off in front of the pretty girls by playing with his eyeballs.  In the end he threw his eyeball all the way into the heavens and it stuck there so he could see all the pretty girls of the world.

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  1. The frog story sounds like the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime legend of Tiddalik the frog who drank up all the water. What was the name of the frog in your visitor's story?