Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Animal Research Books

Sometimes when you look at our individual blogs it looks like all we are sharing with the world is our math but we do a lot more work than just math.  For the past few weeks we have been working super hard on our very first ever INDEPENDENT animal research projects.  We used Discovery Education to find and watch videos about the animals we wanted to research, we read books, and we used a cool iPad app called Pocket Zoo.  We used the can, have, are graphic organizer Ms. Lirenman modified from Mrs. Wideen to organize our information.  We used the iPad app popplet to create a web, and the iPad app Skitch to label an illustration.  We used Draw and Tell to create images for our books too.  We also used Discovery Ed to find images for our stories.  We had the choice to work on our own, or with a friend and many of us chose to work with a friend.  That meant that we had to work together.  We are lucky to have our own iPads though so we could start our books in Book Creator before Ms. Lirenman helped us combined the books onto one iPad to finish it up.  We read our work and made corrections. Then we sent our books to iBooks and took screen shots.  Some of us added voice and created movies in Explain Everything, while others of us added our voices in Draw and Tell and created our final books in iMovie. The cool thing is we did almost all of this all by our selves.  Yes, some of us needed a bit of help here and there from Ms. Lirenman, but for the most part we did this independently.  Anyhow while we are not all finished here are a few books that are finished.  We are VERY proud of what we have created and so is Ms. Lirenman.  In fact Ms. Lirenman is completely and totally impressed with what we have created on our own.  We hope you enjoy reading them too.

Dolphins by Elma and Zahra

Tigers by Jeevan and Kaleb

Tasmanian Devils by Eldon and Roc

Stay tuned!  There are still books about Zebras, Monarch Butterflies, Penguins, Beavers, Killer Whales, and Pigs to come.

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