Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Our Latest Collaborative Project

Today we started working on a special project.  A while back we read the book Good News Bad News by Jeff Mack. In it the two characters deal with good news and bad news through out the story.  Ms. Lirenman has been talking with Mrs. van Rees (in Ontario) since the beginning of the school year about finding a writing project that we could do together.  And then it hit her.  We could make our own version of the story.  Ms. L and Mrs van Rees chatted back and forth on Twitter and came up with a plan.  Here's our plan.  

In our class we are working in groups of two or three to create a good news bad news story.  Then we are going to illustrate the story that we have in mind.  Ms. L is going to help us save our photos into a shared dropbox file that Mrs van Rees has set up.  Her class is going to do the exact same thing.

Here are some photos of us planning our story with the good news and bad news elements.

Once we had our ideas, or as Ms. Lirenman put it our story boards, we go busy creating the illustrations for our stories.

Ms. Lirenman then saved all our illustrations into our special dropbox folders. Once Mrs. van Rees' students have finished their illustrations we are going to swap folders. Mrs. van Rees' kids are going to write good news and bad news stories from our pictures and we are going to write good news bad news stories from theirs. Be sure to stay tuned.

Learning with others is so much fun.

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