Saturday, 14 September 2013

Learning with Twitter - What's Outside Your Window?

Some of you may be wondering why we used twitter this way? Not only did it allow us to share with the world, but it also helped us with our observation skills, questioning skills, and connecting skills. Ms. Lirenman also modelled  polite commenting and questioning too and she tells us that one day we will do the writing too.  It's also a pretty cool way to learn with others.

How are ways that you use twitter to learn?


  1. I love this idea! We will be starting our weather unit soon. I would love to see if we could do something like this to show how the weather varies. Your ideas are always inspiring!

    1. Thank you. We are just learning how to learn with twitter.

  2. We love your "windows". We will share ours soon.
    From mrs. Sarchet' s Class

  3. As always you inspire me. I am trying to set up a twitter account for just my class but keep running into roadblocks but I will keep trying! Thanks for a great idea. I think we will do something like this for our community unit!
    Mrs. Betts and the Cheetahs

  4. Great idea and appropriate use of Twitter to help young children reach outside their window and to learn about where other live. At this age, for the young students, the pictures not only tell about the locations but also capitalize on young learners' natural curiosity.

  5. This is a perfect way to introduce young children to Twitter and the power of pictures for understanding where others live. It is also piques students' inquisitiveness: what an excellent way for students to start discussing geography and places.