Wednesday 21 May 2014

Lego Challenge Number One

Last week Ms. Lirenman was walking in Steveston with her teacher friend Ms. Wise. Ms. Wise was telling Ms. Lirenman about these lego challenges she has been doing with her students in her grade 1/2 class in Richmond.  Ms. Lirenman listened closely and thought, "hmm, I want to do this with my students too".  So today we had our first lego challenge.


1. With a partner choose 20 pieces of lego. We were in partners because Ms. L wasn't sure we had enough lego for everyone but you could do it as individuals too. Having said that we do like working with our friends.

2. In 15 minutes create as many different objects as you can with the 20 pieces of lego. As you create an object take a photo of it.

3. After 15 minutes create a pic collage with what you created and add it to your blog.

Here are some photos of us actively busy on the task.

Here are some of our some of our final pic collages.  Please check out our individual blogs to see more of our creations.

We can't wait for Lego Challenge Number 2 !

*Update May 22, 2014

Today we were able to blog a bit about the challenge.  Check out some of our blog post found on our individual blogs.  Perhaps you'd like to start with Marcus, Camron, or Brayden's Blogs. All our blog posts on this subject are categorized with "writing".


  1. I like the picture collages. Did the students create them themselves? What app did they use?
    I love all of your ideas! I'm really working to help our K and 1 teachers use the ipads for more creation type work. Thanks!

  2. My students use a free iPad app called PicCollage to make their photo collages.


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