Saturday 17 May 2014

Sharing with Tangible Play

On Friday we had a google hangout video conference call with Tangible Play.  The days leading up to the call we added our questions and comments for them on a Tangible Play wonder wall.

During our video conference call we had many things to share with Tangible Play.  First off we asked them how they made their apps. Then we told them what we liked about their apps and what frustrated us about them.  Many of us shared which app we liked best and why.  Tangible Play wanted to know how they could make them better and what apps we wanted to see them make.  We had many ideas to share with them.  It was so great to have them ask our opinions too.  Even though we are only six or seven we have a lot to say for those who will take the time to listen to us.Thank you Karen and Henry for listening to us.

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