Thursday, 8 May 2014

Student Led Conferences

This afternoon we invited our families to come and see what we have been up to. We had student led conferences.  Before our families arrived we talked with Ms. Lirenman about what we wanted to share with our families.  Ms. Lirenman reminded us that we had to show case different aspects of our learning and while what we like to do for free choice was important to share, we also needed to share some reading , writing, math and other aspects of day at school.  In the end we came up with a list of ten things to share.  They were 1. Journals 2. Word Wall Words and activities, 3. Calendar Math Books, 4. Our Blog and work stored on our iPads, 5. Our Seeds/ Plants, 6. Art Work, 7. Just Right Book Boxes 8. Go Noodle, 9. Tangible Play, and 10. Free Choice Activities.  We created little videos explaining what to do at each activity and created QR codes so the parents could scan and hear incase we couldn't remember what to do. If you click each activity you can see the videos we made.

When our families arrived we gave them a sheet with  QR codes to every video.  The room was full of buzz.  We had to use our headsets to hear the videos.  Here are a few pictures of us busy sharing our learning with our families.

Once we had time to share our learning with our families, our families were required to fill out a form created by Ms. Lirenman.  They had to give three stars (things they were proud of with our learning) and one wish (something they'd like us to continue to work on). They also had a space to leave comments to us or to Ms. Lirenman.  Ms. Lirenman also created a spot to let her know if they wanted to meet with her in private at another time.

Ms. Lirenman was really pleased with the turn out, and we were excited to share our learning with our families.  Have you ever had student led conferences?  If not, you should give them a try.

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  1. Thank you for inviting us parents to your classroom to see the variety of works that you have all done. I enjoyed listening to your short videos about your learning activities. Give yourselves a Big pat on your back for the excellent work.
    Jaslehna's mum.