Monday 15 December 2014

It is Monday. What are you reading?

Last night Ms. Lirenman read a great blogpost that encouraged her to ask us what we are reading.  Today some of us added what we are reading to this padlet so the rest of the class could see. We had a bit of technical difficulties this time around but a few of us were able to talk about the books we were reading today. Here are some of the books we are reading this week.


  1. We read Ten on a Sled, Mooseltoe and A Very Special Snowflake. I read Scaredy Squirrel ~ Alyssa I read Look Out ~ Pauli I read Earth Day from the Black Lagoon ~ Zareina We made a book called Run, Run As Fast As You Can and we love reading it in class.

  2. I love that so many of you are choosing such interesting nonfiction titles! So much to learn. I share my reading on Monday every week and I love being part of a community that shares books together. Happy Reading Division 19
    Ms. Gelson (who teaches Grade 3 and 4 in Vancouver)


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