Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Melton and the Warm Hearted Snowman

Wow! What a show! This afternoon and this evening we wowed our audiences in our perfornace of Melton the Warm Hearted Snowman.  The show included all the kindergarten to grade three students in both French and English.  It was a huge success with a lot of thanks going to Mr. Johnson our music teacher.  Here is one photo from our morning concert as we were singing Tough Love with Mme Kell's, Mme Douwes', and Ms. Swenson's classes. Unfortunately Ms. Lirenman had to fuzz out the students in those classes because she doesn't have permission for them to be on our blog.  But she did her best to keep us clear. We are in the row second from the top.


  1. I was there at your concert and I had an amazing time. All of you did a Fantastic job. I loved the play Melton and it surely warmed my heart. I enjoyed listening to all your songs. I had the tune to the song Tough Love ringing in my head even after your concert.
    You may have heard me too. I was the one who was applauding the loudest!

  2. The earlier post was from Jaslehna's mum.