Sunday, 14 December 2014

When the Power Goes Out the Show Must Go On...

On Friday after music we were scheduled to have a Mystery Number Skype with a class in Texas.  Unfortunately during music the power in the school went off, and this included our access to the school internet.  Since we couldn't use Skype Ms. Lirenman had to quickly think of a different way we could make the connection work.  

Ms. Lirenman decided that we would try to use Voxer a walkie talk, text messaging type app.  She contacted the teacher in Texas and we were off.  

With Voxer you can leave little messages (in our case we left questions about numbers) and then they can leave little answers for us. We went back and forth asking and answering questions.  In the end we were able to guess their secret number and they were able to guess our.  Here's what it sounded like.

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