Monday 7 September 2015

Home Learning Adventures Week of Sept 8th, 2015

Welcome! As Ms L meets with each family on their own this week everyone will be at home learning.  Until we get to know one another we will focus on more general home learning activities. Throughout the year, Ms. L  will continue to post general home learning activities for those of you that are away from our building more than others.
  • Create a "wanted" poster which includes an image of you and some interesting facts.  If writing is a challenge for you dictate your story and have a grown up help you out. Ms. L has a template that you can use. She will give it to you when we meet for the hour on Tuesday.
  • Create a collage with drawings, cut out images, or digital  artifacts of all the things that make your heart happy.  If you have another creative way to do this  please feel free to do that instead. The goal of this activity is to create an artifact that you can share with your classmates that lets us see what makes your heart happy.
  • Visit the public library to pick up a collection of books. Read or have them read to you. In pictures and/or writing write a book review explaining what you liked or didn't like about the book(s).  We will be talking about our  "Need a good book to read" padlet (see tab at the top of this website) and if you're able it would be great if you could add to it.
  • Pick one thing that you know a lot about and prepare to share that idea with the rest of your classmates.  You may want to create a poster, make a movie, build it in lego or.... It's up to you. We are just curious to learn more about you.
  • Each day write number sentences for the date. Depending on your mathematical knowledge this could be as simple as drawing nine object to represent the number 9, writing < or > number sentences, creating an array for the number 9, or writing 9 in exponential form.  Feel free to explore big numbers as long as your number sentence ends with = 9. I'm curious to see what you know about numbers and this can be a perfect way to show me.  
  • With your family explore your community by foot, bus or car. Take note of the different types of businesses and buildings you have in your community.

Remember boys and girls you have arrived exactly how you are supposed to and we are all working at different levels.  Your goal is to do work that you are proud of.  

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