Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Our First Lego Challenge

It was an exciting day for Ms. Lirenman and hopefully the new students that came today too. While our time together was quite short we did take part in our first Lego challenge. Ms. Lirenman asked us to create our first names in Lego but we had to be able pick up each letter too.  Take a look at what some of us created.

Can you write your name in Lego?


  1. Love it! What do you mean by pick it up? (Sorry, brain is working slowly these days...) :)

  2. In this case to "pick up" a letter meant that each piece of the letter had to be attached so the letter could be picked up off the floor instead of having each piece of lego make the shape of a letter but the pieces themselves were not attached. All the letters in the images above were created in one part of the classroom, then moved to the table.

  3. Karen, we are back in school today and I'm so excited to try this Lego challenge today. Thanks for the idea!