Wednesday 16 September 2015

Read to Self

This morning we worked on "Read to Self" for our first time.  After going over what it should look and sound like when we read to ourselves, we found our own comfy spots around the room to read. Ms. Lirenman took some pictures of some of us.  If you look really closely you can see four children reading in the top picture.  As you probably can guess, we all picked our own spots.

For our first time, we were able to read for 4 minutes in a row without making any noise and staying in our spots. (Don't worry we have special ear/mouth phones for those of us who read outside of our heads).  Tomorrow we hope to read for even longer.

This boy is holding our special "reading phones".  When he wants to read out of his head he just brings the red piece to his ear and mouth.  It works really well.  Can you spot the four readers in this photo?

The popular tent. A great place to read on your own or with a friend.

Always comfy on a bean bag chair.

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