Friday, 17 February 2012

100 Day Tweets

Today was our 100th day of school and we have so much to share.  It was the first time ever that Ms. Lirenman let her students decided what they wanted to do all day long.  One of the things we did as a class was attempt to tweet out 100 facts about our day and our learning.  Here is a review of our tweets for the day.  You'll see that in the end we were six tweets short of 100 but we certainly made a solid effort.  Ms. Lirenman did think about adding the extra six tweets after the students were gone, but that just didn't seem right.  Here are our tweets of our 100th day of school.  Stay tuned for an official blog post on our 100th day of school.  It was an amazing day and there are a ton of photos to share.  Happy 100th Day everyone!

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