Saturday 25 February 2012

Preparing for World Maths Day

On March 7th our class will be taking part in World Maths day.  We will be answering math questions on line while competing against children our own age.  Ms. Lirenman has given us a copy of our passwords so that we can practice both at school and at home.  Here's a little video of us practicing at school.


  1. Great reading! I appreciate this World Maths day. And I'm also waiting for 7th march. I wish all you good luck who will taking part in this section. Thanks!!!

  2. Even though there was no school on World Maths Day Marcus, Paul, Eric, Huda, Julie, Christine, and Trista remembered to take part. They had a lot of fun and Ms. Lirenman was really impressed that the remembered.

    Division 16


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