Friday 17 February 2012

What a Wonderful 100th Day of School!

This year Ms. Lirenman was inspired to change up the way she's been celebrating the 100th day of school with her class.  This year she decided to do something different after watching a video  made by one of our blogging friends - Mrs. Cassidy.  We watched the video too and right away we started talking about ways we wanted to get to know the number 100.

Ms. Lirenman listened to everything we were curious to learn about the number one hundred, and she offered some additional suggestions too.  Then we had a week to think about it.

Today our 100th day finally arrived we were so excited from the moment we walked into the classroom.  Many of us brought our own 100 day collections to explore.

After a discussion about what we brought in we created two charts of the things that we wanted to discover around the number 100 and how we wanted to celebrate our 100th day of school.  We came up with a lot of exciting ideas.

With our big list made it was our job to sign up for what we wanted to do.  As we completed one task we signed up for another.  We did this all day long!  Needless to say it was a very busy day for us.  Here are some photos of us in action.  

In no particular order today we were....

Creating patterns on a 100 chart.

Sorting 100 Day Collections

Bouncing a ball 100 times.

Searching for animals on a 100 grid.

Watching a video on numbers to 100 and beyond.

Searching for numbers 1 to 100 in the classroom.

Running for 100 seconds.

Drawing 100 stick people.

Spinning a hula hoop 100 times.

Skipping 100 times.

 Writing our name 100 times.

Taking 100 pictures (or at least trying to).

Smiling 100 smiles!

Finding 100 numbers.
(well only 99 because we couldn't find the number 55)

Writing about our favourite part of our 100th day.

Writing about things we did on our 100th day.

Choosing our 100 day activities.

Bouncing a ball 100 times.

Making 100 style eyeglasses.

Creating with 100 pieces of lego.

Making 100 breakfast cereal necklaces.

Tweeting 100 tweets to #100daychat. (Okay we only tweeted 94 times)

Making 100 breakfast cereal necklaces.

 Drawing 100 stick people.

Taking 100 photos with the iPod.
(Or at least trying to.)

Still want to see more? Check out this video of all the photos of the day.  Many of the photos were taken by us!

How did  you celebrate your 100th day of school?


  1. Wow, this looks like such a fun day, Grade Ones! I love how you came up with so many different, creative ideas to celebrate 100th Day, and I love how Ms. Lirenman gave you choices about the activities you would like to do. In Grade Four we don't usually celebrate 100th day, but reading this post, I wish we did!

    1. Thanks Ms. BIrdsall. We had a lot of fun on 100th day. We came up with so many ideas because we were excited to learn about 100. It's a pretty cool number.

  2. Hi Div 16
    I really like your movie! The movie was AWSUM!!!!
    And I know that the kids that scipt 100 times mast be tirdd!
    From Trista

    1. You're right Trista. We were really tired after skipping 100 times. We missed you!

  3. What a great day, Division 16!

    I loved looking at your photos and your video. It really looks like you all had a lot of fun and did SO much work! Yikes! 100 is such a big number! I loved looking at you making, creating, drawing, counting, building, running, hoola-hooping, skipping, and , best of all, smiling! I could almost hear you laughing through the computer, Julie! What fun!

    Trista was sad to miss the day, but glad all her friends had so much fun!

    Trista's mom

    1. Thank you for the comment Trista's mom. We really missed Trista on our 100th day of school but we hope she's feeling better soon.

  4. Hi Guys,Demi is Speaking here I like all your photos They look very intresting also I like your videos and your voki.

  5. Hello. Your blog is great and I like the video! From JCh

  6. You blog is fantastic. We are all really impressed at Griffin Park in Year 6. The highlight is your blog pet. I think one or two children in Year 6 would like a blog pet, if it isn't too hard to look after.

    All the best
    Mr Allton

    1. Wow, we impressed year 6s! Cool! Did you know it took us a long time to find a name for Fluffy, our class blog pet. We take pretty good care making sure there is always food and water. Sometimes we think people are over feeding Fluffy, but thankfully Fluffy likes to exercise a lot on the wheel.

  7. I like all the things you have done 100 time on your 100th day

  8. Our 100th day of school was a lot of fun. Today is our 101st day of school but it's like a regular school day.


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