Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wonderful Writing Wednesday

Today was one of those days that Ms. Lirenman would like to have over again.  Perhaps it was the time we spent quad blogging with the class in England, or how excited we were to be in the gym with the big gym equipment.  Or maybe it was the magnet work we did with our big buddies, or how creative we got with our valentine folders.  But no, what made Ms. Lirenman smile the most today was how focussed we were on our writing.  If you can believe it when Ms. Lirenman told us that is was just about time for recess we complained!  We wanted to keep on writing.  It really was a wonderful day today.

Here is a video that Ms. Lirenman made of us hard at work.  Enjoy!


  1. What a great group of writers! I love seeing how many different choices the kids have with their writing: on the computer, on paper, in booklets, on white boards, on the ipad, everywhere and anywhere. They are sitting wherever they want to as well. How wonderful! I loved watching this video and seeing how focused all the kids were - it's like they didn't even notice you were taking photos of them.

    What fun!

    Trista's Mom

    1. As their teacher I can assure you that they were all very focussed on their writing. As I wrote in the post they actually moaned when I told them it was time to get ready for recess. Needless to say I was so proud, and I'm so excited to see what is in store for us for the second half of the school year. Such a wonderful group of hard workers that are self motivated to write and create. Thank you so much for your comment. As you know we love receiving comments. Ms. Lirenman


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