Thursday, 16 February 2012

100th Day Online Fun

Our 100th day of school is coming Friday,  February 16th.  Ms. Lirenman is busy trying to collect some fun on line activities that we can do either in class or at home.

100 Snowballs - this website encourages you to create a scene made from 100 snowballs. I'm curious to see what you can create.

Ambleside Primary Counter Square - this website allows you to create a pattern over a 100s chart.

100 Number Grid - this website has you searching for animals hidden on a 100 grid.

100 Day Book  - Starfall's 100th Day of School counting book.

Splat Squares - a fun way to cover up numbers on a 100s chart using splats of paint.

Big Number Video - listen to a song about numbers as big as 100 and beyond.

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