Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Counting by 5s

Right now in math we are looking at skip counting again as a way to count a large amount of objects.  Since Friday is our 100th day of school we thought it was a good idea to practice ways of counting items to 100.

In groups of three, we counted out items and created groups of five.  Every so many piles we would try to count how many we had by counting by fives.  As we made more piles of five our counting got harder.  While we can skip count by fives orally, it was a bit tougher when we actually had the objects in front of us.  Ms. Lirenman wants us to really understand what it means when we skip count by 5s.   She wants us to  understand what the numbers we were saying actually mean.  This fun activity made it a lot clearer for many of us.

Once we had enough piles of five (we didn't have to make more than 20 piles but we could go higher if we wanted to) we had to count our piles.  Ms. Lirenman then rotated us and we had to count the piles the other groups had made.

Here is a short video of one of the groups counting their friends objects.

 Have you made groups of five before? Could you count them by fives?

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