Monday, 6 February 2012

Fin's Friends

This past week we began the Fin’s Friends character education program.  For those that aren’t aware Fin is the mascot for the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Team.  The grade one focus is on kindness, peacefulness, and perseverance.  Part of the program involves sending home a small stuffed Fin.  Starting tonight, students will take turns bringing home Fin.  Fin will come home for a sleepover with a different student each night.  Fin will also bring a journal to the sleepover. Each student should make a journal entry when it is their turn to take Fin home, so that we can all read about Fin’s adventures. They should include a picture of what Fin did while on the sleepover and some writing.  Students can choose to draw a picture or if you have access to a digital camera and printer you can take a photo and glue it in.  This is a great way to promote writing! We look forward to hearing about Fin’s adventures.

In case you're still not sure what you should do with fin check out Mrs. Morrison's kindergarten class blog from across the hall.  Her class Fin has been to everyones homes at least once already.  He has a fantastic journal documenting his adventures.

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  1. What fun it will be for each member of your class to take Fin home! I'm sure that he will have many adventures. Will Fin get a blog too?