Saturday, 18 February 2012

Inside My Heart

For Valentines Day we filled in a heart made up of puzzle pieces.  In each piece we put something that took up space in our hearts because it was important to us. Obviously each heart looked different because we all have different things in our hearts.  We called this work Inside My Heart. Here is a little video of some of our hearts.  Enjoy.


  1. Hello Division 16. I really enjoyed seeing your hearts and watching you have so much fun on your 100 Day celebration. Boys and girls, you are doing such a good job at school, I am very proud of you. Mrs. MacFarlane

  2. Wow, Mrs. MacFarlane it is cool to have our PRINCIPAL leave us a comment on our blog. We are really proud of the work that we are doing in our class. Ms. Lirenman reminds us everyday that we need to do our very best and that our very best looks different for everyone one of us. Please come back and visit our class or our class blog again soon. We like it when you visit us.

  3. Hello Division 16, we are from Leverhouse Primary School in England. We have really enjoyed looking at your blog. Your
    heart work is fantastic, it was nice to see all the difefferent pictures of the specal things in your hearts.
    From Evie and Jake

  4. Hi Evie and Jake from Leverhouse Primary School, thanks for checking out our blog. We had a lot of fun making those hearts. They were fun to make. We liked colouring in the pictures. From Division 16