Monday, 20 February 2012

The iPods are Back!

When we got to school this morning Ms. Lirenman had a little surprise for us.  The school district's set of loaner iPods were back in our classroom.  Needless to say we're pretty excited to have them.  Unfortunately Ms. Lirenman says that they are pretty messy and it's really hard to find the good stuff on them so she's going to clean them up a bit before she lets the rest of the school use them.  That's maybe not such a bad thing because we can still use them.

Today during guided reading Ms. Lirenman was helping some of us work on our fluency.  How perfect really because we got to use the iPods to record our reading.  It was great to be able to listen to how we read so that we know where we need to improve.  Here are a few photos of us reading into the iPods.


  1. Hi everyone
    That's a great idea using the ipods to record your own reading and then listen back to help you improve. I'm going to suggest that to our other classes to help them.
    Mr A

  2. Mr. Allton we love having the iPods in our classroom because there is one for everyone one of us. Today we used them to practice our world wall words. We used a cool app that helps us learn sight words. We also read books that are our just right level. It's rainy today as well and we got to use them to play and learn during our inside recess. It's fun to have the iPods in our room. I wonder what we'll do with them tomorrow. Division 16

  3. Hello, we are from Leverhouse primary school in leyland. All your work looks really exciting especially using iPods!! We have some in our school and we were wondering what app you used for your words.
    From Ben and Eleanor

    1. Hi Leverhouse Primary School, you are so lucky to have iPods in your school. We don't have them in our school but we can borrow them once and a while from our school district. Right now we have them on loan for three weeks. We like to use Word Wizard to learn our words. It's a cool app because it makes the sounds of letters for us so it helps us figure out if we have spelled words properly. It also helps us learn some of our sight words. From Division 16

  4. I'm so excited to borrow the iPods and use them in my classroom. It was very neat when I looked out my door yesterday and saw several students recording their reading using the iPods.