Monday, 20 February 2012

Jobs in Our Community - Koden's Dad

For the next three weeks our focus in Socials Studies is jobs in our community.  What better way to learn about jobs in our community than be inviting our community into our classroom. What better people to start with than our parents.

Today our first visitor arrived, Matthew, Koden's dad.  Can you guess what his job is? He showed us some of his special tools including his stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, pupil gage, and a needle.  He told us about his favourite part of his job - giving needles and making people feel comfortable while he does it.  He also told us about his least favourite part of his job - changing diapers on older grown ups.

Here are some photos from his visit.  Can you guess what his job is? Leave your guess in the comments section and we'll let you know if you're correct.


  1. Hello i like all your photographs, and i hope you had fun, it looks very intresting. And i am guessing he is a docter. C.A

  2. Hi guys,i am guessing that this man is a Doctor From L.L

  3. Is Koden's dad a nurse??? He looks like a nurse. Nurse's in England wear blue not green.

  4. Griffen Park, we love your guesses. Koden's father is NOT a doctor but he wants to be a doctor in the future. Koden's dad is a Licensed Practical Nurse or a PLN. He just finished school and taking his tests so it's a new job for him. He likes being a LPN.