Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Welcome Quad Bloggers!

We are not sure why it has taken until this evening for Ms Lirenman to welcome our three quad blogging schools to our website.  If you're not already aware we are in week two of a four week quad blogging project.  So what is quad blogging?

Quad blogging is where you are matched up three classroom blogs from around the world.  As it turns out the three school we've been match up with are all from the United Kingdom.  Each week three of the four classes focus on the fourth blog.  It's our job to visit often and leave comments. This week our new friends  have been visiting us and leaving us comments.  Did we mention how much we love comments?  Ms. Lirenman is trying hard to keep our blog up to date this week so that our visitors can learn something new about us every time they visit.

If you're interested in visiting our quad blogging friends please visit their websites. Their address can be found under Fluffy, our class blog pet.

Have you ever been part of quad blogging? If you're interested in quad blogging check it out here.

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