Saturday, 21 April 2012

Learning About Plants

Ms. Lirenman has been playing with Comic Life on our class iPad and now she can't wait for more iPads to arrive in our classroom.  There are so many wonderful things that can be done with this App and much of what is created can be put on our individual blogs too!  Coooooooooooooool!

Anyhow, beside Ms. Lirenman learning about Comic Life for the iPad we have been busy learning about plants with Ms. Will.  So far we have taken care of a pocket seed, and our seeds are now growing (hopefully) on our class wall.  Ms. Will has also been teaching us about 2D and 3D shapes. We've learned about Canadian symbols, and recognizing safety signs too.  We've been learning a lot from Ms. Will.

Here is what Ms. Lirenman created using Comic Life and pictures of our plant  journals.  Learning is so much fun.


  1. That's really fun! I remember when I was in grade one and I loved learning about plants!

    ~Juliet~ (From Ms Birdsalls class)

  2. I really like the comic book Journals. i really like to make comics too. if you ever need help drawing comic books I could help you. Jordan