Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Something out of the Ordinary

Today after school when Ms. Lirenman and Ms. Segec were going for their run they saw something quite out of the ordinary.

Why is this so out of the ordinary?


  1. Hi Ms.Lirenman did you know thats my moms favorite animal? From Paul

  2. We think this is out of the ordinary because it looks it's a flooded paddock because of all the grass around the water, or that the grass is coming through the water. We also think this is different because we think ducks don't normally go in flooded areas or small areas like this one. It also looks like the ducks are fighting because they are head to head!

  3. Paul, make sure you show your mom this picture. I bet she'll think it's pretty cool.

    1/2A the picture wasn't taken at a paddock it was taken by our school field. Ms. Lirenman tells us that in Australia you would call it the oval. There normally isn't water on the field but we had a lot of rain so there was a small puddle. This photo is out of the ordinary because we never really see ducks in little puddles. Ms. Lirenman thinks the ducks were in love because when she got back from her run she saw them walking really close together.

    From Ms. Lirenman and Division 16