Monday, 23 April 2012

Exciting New Projects

This morning Ms. Lirenman told us about two exciting new projects we are involved with.  They are both on line and they involve learning with other children.

The first is a place that is safe for us to blog about our adventures with Fin.  We can still write in his journal but if we'd prefer to blog about our adventures we can do that too.  Now we can do which ever option(s) we chose. So YES we can write on paper and we can blog on the computer if we'd like.  You will see that other children are sharing their adventures with their special animals too.  Most of the children are from Ontario so it will be nice for them to hear about what we do in British Columbia.

Here is the link to Fin's blog.  Ms. Lirenman has also added a link to the right hand side of this blog to make it easy to access it.

The second project we are involved with is sharing what is happening with the beans we are growing in our classroom.  What's cool is that we are not the only class doing this experiment so they will be sharing with us too.  There has been a Wiki set up to hold all this information and each class will be adding to the wiki.  The wiki is called Full of Beans .  If you click on "Full of Beans" you'll get to that special wiki.  You will also notice that Ms. Lirenman put a link on the right hand side of the blog too so you can check it out from there as well.

A lot of exciting things are going on in our classroom.  We hope you will check back often and leave us lots of comments.  WE LOVE COMMENTS!

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  1. I love planting stuff it is so cool. You get to put dirt in and water to. When they grow they will look great. Jayda from Ms Birdsalls class