Sunday, 1 April 2012

Brooklyn's Dad

This past week Brooklyn's Dad came in to talk about his job with us.  He runs Street Legal Tint and Detail.  He told us about how he adds material to windows that either blocks out light (or harmful sun rays) or makes glass stronger, and harder to break.  He showed us some of the tools he uses.  He also told us about his favourite part of the job - it's something that he loves to do.  He let us know that he started his company a long time ago, and used to do it from his garage when he lived in Winnipeg.  He sure has come a long way because he now has three shops, which are very busy.  The one thing he doesn't like about being the boss is that sometimes he gets home from work late and so he misses out on the important time with his family. Thankfully as the boss he can leave work sometimes too to be at his children's special occasions.  Thank you Rene for visiting our classroom.  We learned a lot from you.

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