Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Learning with Ten Frames

The past couple of days we have been looking at the ten family and the different number combinations we can use to make the number ten.  At first we watched this great catchy math video.

As you can probably imagine our favourite part (or at least the part that made us giggle the most) was the check baby check baby check baby part.

After reviewing the video a couple of times Ms. Lirenman introduced us to the Find Sums app on the class iPad and iPod.  It's a great app because it helps you "see" what the different math pairs for ten are.  Ms. Lirenman had the iPad hooked up to the projection device so that we could all play along.  One of us would choose a number between one and ten and then that many apples would show up in the ten frame box.  Then someone else in the class would have to figure out how many more apples we would need to complete the ten frame box.  Needless to say it was a lot of fun.  It was almost like we were using an interactive white board, but instead of touching a white board we were touching the iPad. The whole time the process was being projected onto a screen.

But as with most kids we like doing things ourselves too.  Unfortunately we don't have a class set of iPads (or at least not yet) so we had to make do with tiles, a ten sided dice, and a blank tens frame (thanks Mrs. Morrison for letting us borrow yours).

To play the game one person had to roll the dice and put that many tiles on the tens frame.  Then the other person had to complete the frame and read out the number sentence that went with the frame.  While it wasn't a challenging game it certainly helped us learn the tens family much easier.

At the end of the math period we watched the movie again, but this time we could easily shout out the missing numbers in the addition questions closer to the end of the video.

They have been a good couple of days of math learning.  Here are some pictures of us playing the game.  You will notice that one group is playing on the iPad.  A second group was planning on the iPod until Ms. Lirenman realized she needed it to take photos since her camera died in Vietnam.  Enjoy the photos.


  1. Ms. Lirenman and Division 16 all your maths learning will be fantastic to show my children next term because we are going to be doing the friends of 10 as well! This is what blogging is all about, where we can see what other classes are doing and learn from them. Thank you for sharing your great ideas and the youtube song. My children will LOVE it! I'm sure you can say your number facts straight away now!
    Happy learning from Mrs. K at Craigburn.

    1. Hi Mrs. K it's Division 16 here. We are glad you looked at our math learning. Do you remember when we sent you a voice message? We still love the voice message you sent us. From Koden in Division 16