Thursday 12 December 2013

Mystery Number Skype With Guests

Today we had the pleasure of doing a Mystery Number Skype with Mrs. Sorenson's grade one class in Vermont.  We don't usually do them first thing in the morning but 9:00 am our time worked well for her class three hours later.  Since we have community read every Thursday and Friday morning we decided to invite the parents to stick around if they could so they could see what all this "Mystery Number Skyoe " is all about.  Here's what our room looked like this morning.

Have you ever invited your families to join in our your Skype calls? 

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  1. This year we have had two or three skype dates and really enjoyed them. We skyped with the author of the Howard B. Wigglebottom books. Have you read any of those books? We also skyped during our Global Read Aloud but we have never invited our parents in to see what we are doing. I think we should try it! We are going to try a Mystery Number Skype with Mrs. Schnare's class in the New Year. She was our skype partner for the Global Read Aloud! Thanks for sharing your learning with us!


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