Saturday 21 December 2013

Our Christmas Concert

Not sure how this happened but Ms. Lirenman never shared our Christmas concert adventures.  On Tuesday we travelled by school bus to the Bell Centre.

While at the Bell Centre we were very patient as we sat in our seats and watched the other grades practice their songs.  Ms. Lirenman brought along a few iPods, our special wooden men which transform into cubes, and a collection of Elephant and Piggie books.  Ms. Lirenman was very proud of how patient we were for such a long period of time.

In the evening we returned to the Bell Centre but this time with our parents and in our PJs.  All the children in the school waited in the big high school gym.  When it was our turn  to perform we made our way to the stage.  We had to be dressed in our PJs so we were pretty comfy in the gym.  Again Ms. Lirenman brought some items to keep us busy but we must admit is was pretty noisy in the gym with all the other kids there too.  We were really glad to have a dad stay with us as well.  

When it was our turn to shine on the stage we did really well with the other grade one classes, and again during the final number with the whole school.  Unfortunately Ms. Lirenman doesn't have any photos of us on stage because she was back stage with us.  But trust us, we looked great and we performed really well.  We owe Mr. Johnston a huge thank you as well as he worked so hard to get us ready to shine.

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