Tuesday 10 December 2013

The Hour of Code

This week is Computer Science Education Week and it is being promoted through The Hour of Code.  The goal of The Hour of Code is to expose students to the language of computer coding and what is possible if you take the time to explore code.

On Wednesday Ms. Lirenman has organized many different ways that we will be looking at code.  We will be able to code our friends to move around the classroom by giving them very specific directions and seeing if they can follow them.  In addition she has iPad apps for us to explore such as Kodable  or Cargo Bot, and she has some on line coding games for us to check out too that work on any device that can access the internet.

If you're seeing this blog on Tuesday night and you want a sneak peak at some the coding Ms. Lirenman is going to share with the class tomorrow check these out.

Bot Logic - be sure to sign in as a user in the right age level

The Hour Of Code - Check out the tutorials.  There are a couple of tutorials that five and six year olds can do with a friend (or two) but Ms. L thinks the one with the Angry Bird is probably the one we'll like best.

If you're trying to code on a computer you may want to try

Light Bot on the Computer

Some other iPad coding apps (most can be found in other tablet platforms as well) that you may want to try at home with a big brother or sister (or mom or dad) include:

Daisy the Dinosaur

Happy coding! Ms. Lirenman is so excited to see where we get with this.

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