Wednesday 11 December 2013

Our Hour of Coding

Today, after gym and the arrival of the salmon eggs we sat down to learn about computer programming.  My Lirenman showed us the computer science website where we watched a video about basic coding.  Together we coded a bit and made an angry bird move along a path. Then Ms. Lirenman let us try on our own.  Some of us worked with friends and some of us worked on our own, but we all gave it a try.  Some of us were really good at it too.

After recess Ms. Lirenman arranged a special Skype call with the people who created the iPad app Kodable.  They had a lot to share with us about how programming works. We learned a bit more about the importance of coding from them too.  After the call we spent a bit of time trying to code on the Kodable app.

Over all it was a really successful way to learn about code.  Ms. Lirenman showed us that there are many other ways we can code.  Check out this blog post for more links to try. Have you ever tried to computer program? If we can, you can too!

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