Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Jobs in Our Community - Lawrence's Mom

This afternoon Lawrence's mom Narin came to talk to us about her job with Canadian Linen & Uniform Service.  She showed us tons of great photos and explained a lot about her company.  We learned that they make uniforms, clean uniforms, and fold uniforms. We learned that they make napkins and table clothes and most linen things like that.  We learned that her company is very large and it uses a lot of really smart computers.  Narin likes every part about her job although her least favourite part was working with the napkins.  When she worked with them she had to work really really quickly and if she wasn't quick enough the machine would beep at her at tell her to  hurry up.  She didn't like that part because she was already working really fast.

It was really great to have her visit our classroom and share her job with us.  Unfortunately Ms. Lirenman FORGOT to take photos of her presentation!  Ugh, she is very sorry about that and hopefully she'll get another picture of Lawrence and his mom soon.

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