Saturday, 22 September 2012

Frozen Tag Letter Style and Octopus

This past week in gym we played a game of tag called Frozen Tag Letter Style.  It's very similar to frozen tag where you do your best to run away from the people who are IT.  The IT people run around trying to tag everyone.  If you get tagged you must stand frozen with your arms in the air and you can't move. In typical Frozen Tag someone has to run under your arms to free you.  In Frozen Tag Letter Style the only way you can get free is if one of the FREE-ERS comes by.  When they arrive at you they ask you for a word that starts with a particular letter sound.  If you can given them a proper word then you are free to run around some more.  It's been a great way to get our bodies moving as soon as we enter the gym.  Here are some photos of us playing.

Another game we learned in gym this week is Octopus.  In Octopus two people stand on the middle black line and on a signal the rest of the class must run past them and not be tagged.  If you get tagged you join those children on the line and you increase the size of the Octopus.  The more people that are making up the Octopus line the harder it is to get across.  It was also a lot of fun to play.  Here are some photos of us playing Octopus.

 What type of games do you play in gym?


  1. Tag letter sounds a great way to learn words that begin with a set sound. We play a similar game where the people who can free each other have to give a maths sum. You have to solve it correctly to be free.
    Mrs Robertson

  2. Your math version of our tag sounds great too. From Division 18

  3. Hi! We think your octopus game is good. We played octopus last time with the big kids outside. Not everyone played octopus and we will like to play and teach the new students how to play that game.
    In the gym we play duck duck goose!

  4. Hi Ms. Alvarez, we like your comment. We like that you are going to show your students how to play Octopus too. On Thursday Mrs. Morrison the grade one teacher beside us showed us a different version of the Octopus game. Maybe we will take some pictures and show you that game too. It's a little bit the same, and a little bit different. Thank you for visiting. We love visitors.