Tuesday 18 September 2012

Week One Word Work Rotations

This week Ms. Lirenman has us working in group rotations for word work as a way to learn our new word wall words. We are being very independent with our learning as each table group is doing a different thing at the same time.   Ms. Lirenman says she's pretty impressed because even though it's only our second week with her we continue to surprise her by how well we are staying on task and helping out each other when necessary.

One group is practicing their word wall words by creating them with pipe cleaners.  It's fun to bend the wires back to form letters.

Another group is using plasticine to roll out letters to form words. It's great for our  hands to have them work this way.

A third group is using our class letter beads to "bead" our word wall words.  And finally our fourth group is using some iPods, and specifically the Word Wizard app, to create the words.  It's a really cool app too because it reads the words that you make so you know if you've spelled them correctly or not.

Do you do word work in your grade one classroom? And if you do, what does it look like?


  1. That sounds like a fun way to learn your words.
    Mrs Robertson

  2. Dear Mrs. Robertson we agree, it is a fun way to learn our words. Thank you for your comment. From Division 18

  3. We are doing Literacy stations in our classroom. This week we are reading ebooks on our iPads, we are rolling a cube with sight words on it and writing those words down, we are also doing write the room, where we look for school words and pictures and we are reading with Mrs. Wideen.

    1. Those sound like great activities. What is your favourite activity? We have two favoutite activities. We like to use the iPads and the Draw and Tell App to find words that start with M, S, and F. We also like to use the iPods and the Word Wizard app to practice our Word Wall Words. From Division 18

  4. Hello Division 18!!!
    It's Ms. Baldry from last year! I am at a new school this year. Still in Surrey, but just down the road from you! I hope you are all having a great time so far in Ms. L's class. I recognize a bunch of you in your pictures. Looks like you are off to a busy start in grade 1. I recognize two students in particular that I taught last year in kindergarten. Ms. L, please let E and L know that I say hello!! I sure miss being at your school, Division 18 but am also loving my new school and new students. I look forward to seeing all that you learn this year!

    -Ms. Baldry :)


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